Political Cartoon exhibition

Title: Political Cartoon exhibition
Location: Zappeion Exhibition Hall – Zappeio Gardens
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Description: What do they laugh about in Germany? How does the British Humour translate on paper? Which nation hosts the darkest satire? Does the climate of a country play any role in the satire produced? How does the cartoon function as a national mirror? All these questions will be hopefully resolved in the cartoon exhibition “Cartoons of 27” which will take place in Zappeion from October 13-25 2008.

Start Date: 2008-10-13
End Date: 2008-10-25
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Blog Post: Political Cartoon exhibition http://s3nt.com/v3h

Blog Post: Political Cartoon exhibition http://s3nt.com/v3h

The New Hellenic Quartet

Title: The New Hellenic Quartet
Location: B & M Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts
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Description: Jón Leifs, quartet no. ΙΙΙ, El Greco (1965)
Filippos Tsalachouris, quartet no.ΙΙΙ, op. 53, El Greco, (2005)

In an imaginative performance, with projections and lighting effects, the New Hellenic Quartet will present two contemporary quartets inspired by Domenico Theotokopoulos’ work. The simultaneous video art projection enhances the music by adding a totally different dimension, whis is loyal, though, to the composers’ conception, as both give indications relating to the matching of their music with specific paintings. A legendary painter, two composers, from Greece and Iceland, a quartet accompanying images, and images based on the quartet’s sound create a unique experience.

The New Hellenic Quartet is regarded today as one of the most prominent chamber music groups in Greece. Classsical works and the rich greek musical creation are both an integral part of the Quartet’s repertoire. The New Hellenic Quartet has presented many works in various festivals and international artistic meetings, and has also produced recordings that are considered to be landmarks of discography.

Tickets: 25€, 15€ for students
Start Date: 2008-11-22
Start Time: 20:30
End Date: 2008-11-23
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Blog Post: The New Hellenic Quartet http://s3nt.com/vjv

Blog Post: The New Hellenic Quartet http://s3nt.com/vjv

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